Youth for Freedom

Summer Camp








Summer Camp

Zion National Park, Utah

June 27th – 30th 2022

4 Days, Monday – Thursday

Youth ages 11-18

$995 $795

It takes a village to raise a child. 

And we are a part of that village. 

Discover a way of being free that affects everyday of your life. At Youth for Freedom, youth learn from professional and well qualified speakers, discuss life changing books, participate in simulations where they can be real and authentic, dance, improvise, swim, laugh, and cry as they connect their heads and their hearts, receive personal mentoring, and make new friends.

4 Days of Transformation

Freedom of Being

Connection & Belonging

All Inclusive Food & Housing

Emotional Intelligence

Purpose & Direction

Self Love & Expression

Discover Your Session

Each Summer Camp has sessions for different age groups, they all take place at the same time.

Be Awesome

11-12 yrs

Self Expression, Peace, & Love

Designed especially for youth ages 11 & 12*, Session 1 is created for the youth to discover their uniqueness in the world and how to be fully Self Expressed through fun and play. Youth will explore the power of Love and how to be with people exactly the way they are and exactly the way they are not, and the Peace that comes with being awesome. 

Come learn Be Awesome with us!

Reading List:

The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost

Kid President - A Pep Talk

Be Powerful

13-14 yrs

Present, Alive, & Unleashed

In Session 2 the youth discover how to be Alive and Unleashed! They will learn skills and techniques that enable them to be Present with themselves and others and make Powerful choices. 

Come create and Be Powerful with us!

Reading List:

Enders Game - Orson Scott Card

Good - Jocko Willink

Be Free

15-16 yrs

Integrity, Authenticity, & Acceptance

In Session 3 we explore the freedom that comes from being Authentic and sharing your life with others and how to be in Integrity with who you say you are in the world. We explore Acceptance of what is, of yourself and of others and the real freedom that is possible in that.  

Come experience and Be Free with us!

Reading List:

Hunger Games - Susan Collins

The Power of Vulnerability - TED Talk - Brene Brown

Be Community

17-18 yrs

Connection, Celebration, & Contribution

In Session 4 the youth experience what it means to be in Community and to make a difference in the world. The youth learn about being leaders from a place of Connection and Contribution. We explore the power of Celebration and living life with alacrity.

This session is packed with simulations and activities that promote emotional, physical, and mental growth, which inspires the leader in each of them.

Come participate in and Be Community with us!

Reading List:

The Bridge at Andau - James A. Michener

Start With Why - Simon Sinek

Band of Awesome is for you if....



You’re a powerful teen leader who wants a better way to accomplish your goals while living a more AWESOME life than ever before.

Camp Guidelines

Please read this with your youth so they can be prepared.

Session Reading

Your youth will be placed in a session based on their age at the time of YFF Summer Camp. Each Session includes a specific Media List for students to read or watch before camp.

Packing List

Check out the updated packing list to know how your youth should best prepare.

Show Up!

At Clear Creek Family Ranch, near Zion National Park. Address and directions will be emailed to you as the camp nears. 

Summer Camp

Zion National Park, Utah

June 27th – 30th 2022

4 Days, Monday – Thursday


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