Unleashing the Leaders of the Future

Unleashing the Leaders of the Future

Leadership. Authenticity. Action.

At Youth for Freedom, teens and pre-teens not only learn these words, but put them into practice.

Have you been looking for an extraordinary program to take your kids to the next level?

Have you tried a few different things, but nothing seemed to work?

Do you want something time-tested that really digs into the core of leadership training and helps to bring your teens to themselves?

Youth for Freedom has those programs

YFF uses experiential leadership training that places teens right in “the thick of it” through games, simulations, and role playing, where they learn how THEY CAN be LEADERS and impact the world in their own unique way.  

This is the cutting edge program you have been looking for. Youth for Freedom will give your teens the leadership skills, knowledge, and experience you are craving for them to have, and the world will begin to see the incredible leader you have seen in them for years. 

I learned to love connecting with people, and youth my age. I loved the deep conversations we had. I feel like it created a lot of friendships based on depth, and learning, and education that I wouldn’t have had otherwise

Rainee L

This camp has risen above all others and has changed my life and outlook on life and other people and also myself. I LOVE YFF and can’t wait to go again next year!

Kody D

YFF has changed my life in SO many ways. I have been inspired and uplifted from the wonderful friends I met there. The people there have taught me to be open and kind to the people around me. I’ve learned to love freedom and education.

Laura E

Which program is right for your teen?

People do not come to Youth For Freedom with the intention to stay as they are. Leaders are always growing and expanding.

Being involved in Youth For Freedom means having the opportunity to choose into being powerful and present, into GROWTH, and SO MUCH MORE.

Our intention is to create individuals who CHOOSE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD.

For over 20 years, Youth for Freedom programs have helped thousands of youth discover their unique genius and leadership skills. These programs are built to be practical, application-based leadership experiences, with teens learning by doing – through simulations, games, discussions, and so much more. Whether you participate in the online program, the summer camps, or a combination, Youth for Freedom and the power it has will change your child’s life.

Check out the programs we have and come lead, grow, and play with us!

Summer Leadership Camp

Unleashing the Leaders of the Future

Come step into leadership with our flagship program. Four days of intense in-person TRANSFORMATION in the wilderness of Southern Utah. Get to know incredible people and experience our state-of-the-art Experiential Leadership Training (ELT). 

June 23rd – 27th 2025

Monday – Friday

Youth Ages 11-18


Future Leaders Scholarship Program

Pathfinder is a BONUS Leadership Competition for teens in Youth for Freedom Session 4. On top of our life changing camp experience, every participant who plays full out will walk away with a clear plan, action steps, and a powerful PATH for their future.

One winner evaluated and chosen by our board will walk away with $5000 to launch their leadership in whatever form that looks like. 

Register for camp to be eligible for this program.