Youth for Freedom is an international personal and professional growth, training, and development company—a global educational enterprise committed to transforming the lives of youth and those in the lives of youth (so basically everyone), into lives of POWER, FREEDOM, & ALIVENESS. 

We offer summer camps, online courses, and programs that are cutting edge, potently life altering, and fun. Youth for Freedom and it’s programs have produced countless lasting breakthrough results in the lives of youth, making us a new leader in our field.

Headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, Youth for Freedom offers a summer camp in Prescott, Arizona, as well as mobile seminars in locations worldwide, online courses, speakers, and international coaching. Close to 7,000 people have participated in Youth for Freedom’s programs.

On The Calendar

Enders Game

 Dec 26th 2020 @ 10am MST

Book Discussion – RSVP for Link – Zoom 

Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting. – Edmund Burke




YFF Unleashed

Dec 29th 2020 – Jan 2nd 2021

3 Day Retreat, 90 day Coaching – Register Online – St. George UT

Ready to play a bigger game in life? Discover your purpose? Make a difference?




Youth for Freedom Summer Camp

Jun 23 – 26th 2021

4 Day Retreat – Register Online – Prescott, AZ 

Be Awesome. Be Powerful. Be Free. Be Community. 




Summer Camp

Discover a way of being free that affects everyday of your life. At Youth for Freedom, youth learn from professional and well qualified speakers, discuss life changing books, participate in simulations where they can be real and authentic, dance, improvise, swim, laugh, and cry as they connect their heads and their hearts, receive personal mentoring, and make new friends.

Our summer camp is unlike anything else. 


4 Days of Transformation


Freedom of Being


Connection & Belonging


Youth for Freedom Unleashed is a new program created at the request of our community. A way to keep YFF a part of your life longer than the our summer camp, a way to stay connected to the friends you make and the people who see you for who you really are and really want to be. 

And it’s an intense event! We are building leaders here. With that continuous connection we launch you into a new life of your creation with goals, tools, success habits, road maps, and accontability. Don’t come unless you’re willing to play and play big.


Intense Goal Setting


90 Days of Coaching


Next Level Cool Stuff


Simulations are THE BEST way to get what you are learning to stick. We are preparing new simulations and events to bring leadership education to you. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on our new launches.


Virtual Simulations


Book Discussions


Guest Speakers and Webinars

“I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you guys did!!!!!! My Taylor had the time of his life. This was his second year, & his brother will be joining him next year. He truly comes home a better person…kinder, more confident, more motivated…Thank you, thank you for putting so much time & effort into changing the lives of these youth. You are wonderful!”

– Parent

“Thank you so much for what you do! My son, Ty, came this year for his first time. He was a little skeptical in going, but enjoyed it so much he can’t wait for next year! And he’s got his little sister all excited because she will actually be old enough to go next year too!”


“All 4 of my youth said this was the best 3 days of their lives. Thank you for all you did”