Youth for Freedom

Summer Camp

June 27th-30th 2022

Unleashing the Leaders of the Future

What would happen if your kid’s confidence skyrocketed? If they were no longer afraid to fail and instead knew to get back up?

Youth for Freedom believes that each child has a purpose. We are dedicated to unleashing the power of youth. We are on a mission to get them to the next level of confidence, and feeling good about who they are. Thousands of youth have come through our program and we can’t wait to help yours.

Summer Camp

Low self esteem, depression, anxiety, trouble making friends? All these are things pale in the face of having a purpose. We educate, we inspire, we touch hearts and open teens vision and mind to a future that is theirs.

Your child was given to you as a gift. Let us fulfill our calling and help your child to unlock the awesomeness inside them and become some one who connects with people powerfully. A teen who is confident and loves being around others. A teen who belongs and has a purpose. By the time your kid is done with YFF they will be a friend magnet.

YFF Summer Camp is unlike anything else.  

4 Days of Transformation

Food and Housing All Inclusive

Connection & Belonging


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Summer Camp

Zion National Park, Utah

June 27th – 30th 2022

Monday – Thursday

Youth ages 11-18

I learned to love connecting with people, and youth my age. I loved the deep conversations we had. I feel like it created a lot of friendships based on depth, and learning, and education that I wouldn’t have had otherwise

Rainee L

This camp has risen above all others and has changed my life and outlook on life and other people and also myself. I LOVE YFF and can’t wait to go again next year!

Kody D

YFF has changed my life in SO many ways. I have been inspired and uplifted from the wonderful friends I met there. The people there have taught me to be open and kind to the people around me. I’ve learned to love freedom and education.

Laura E