A transformational community which empowers a new generation and forges a new world.


Youth for Freedom is an international personal and professional growth, training, and development company—a global educational enterprise committed to transforming the lives of youth and those in the lives of youth (so basically everyone), into lives of POWER, FREEDOM, & ALIVENESS. 

We offer summer camps, online courses, and programs that are cutting edge, potently life altering, and fun. Youth for Freedom and it’s programs have produced countless lasting breakthrough results in the lives of youth, making us a new leader in our field.

Headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, Youth for Freedom offers a summer camp in Prescott, Arizona, as well as mobile seminars in locations worldwide, online courses, speakers, and international coaching. Close to 7,000 people have participated in Youth for Freedom’s programs.


To unleash the leaders of the future.


Be Awesome | Self Expression, Peace, & Love

Be Powerful | Present, Alive, & Unleashed

Be Free | Integrity, Authenticity, & Acceptance

Be Community | Connection, Celebration, & Contribution 

Anywhere | Anytime | Anyone | Already


Transformational Youth Leadership


Youth For Freedom was started by Kami Mitchell in 2002. Prior to being known as Youth For Freedom, the program was called Youth for America and was sponsered by George Wythe University. It began as a three day youth conference enabling youth ages 12-18 to live exciting and successful lives, a deep and personal freedom, and a knowledge of the constitution. In 2010, the conference was renamed “Youth for Freedom” to recognize the inclusion of its international attendees.

Kami and her team ran the program for 18 years before passing the torch to Aubrey Taylor in 2019. Aubrey attended the program as a youth and helped run it as a counselor, session director, and Vice President. Filled with empowering and life changing experiences, Youth For Freedom continues today as a Transformational Youth Leadership company  and everyone who participates in the programs leaves with knowing themselves on a deeper level, higher levels of trust, love, and value of themselves and for others.

“Thank you so much!!! You have brought so much to the youth of tomorrow! YFF has and always will be an amazing experience. Freedom!”


“Thank you so much for changing my life and helping me find out who I am!”


“YFF has changed my life! Thank you for letting me be a counselor!

To be able to spend time with such amazing youth and people has been a really big highlight in my life!”


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