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Youth For Freedom 

Youth For Freedom was started by Kami Mitchell in 2002. Prior to being known as Youth For Freedom, the program was called Youth for America and was sponsered by George Wythe University. It began as a three day youth conference enabling youth ages 12-18 to live exciting and successful lives, a deep and personal freedom, and a knowledge of the constitution. In 2010, the conference was renamed “Youth for Freedom” to recognize the inclusion of its international attendees.

Kami and her team ran the program for 18 years before passing the torch to Aubrey Taylor in 2019. Aubrey attended the program as a youth and helped run it as a counselor, session director, and Vice President. Filled with empowering and life changing experiences, Youth For Freedom continues today as a multiple day summer camp held in Prescot,t Arizona, among many other locations. Everyone who participates in the conference leaves with knowing themselves on a deeper level, higher levels of trust, love, and value of themselves and for others.

Our Mission Statement

“Thank you so much!!! You have brought so much to the youth of tomorrow! YFF has and always will be an amazing experience. Freedom!”


“Thank you so much for changing my life and helping me find out who I am!”


“YFF has changed my life! Thank you for letting me be a counselor!

To be able to spend time with such amazing youth and people has been a really big highlight in my life!”


Meet Our Creative Team

Aubrey Taylor

Aubrey Taylor

Aubrey is a powerful, alive, and free human being. She has been a part of Youth for Freedom for the past 15 years, and now owns the program. The person she is today is a direct result of her experience in this work. She is genuinely excited about life and all of the possibilities in it. She shows up and takes things head on with a fun and commanding presence. Aubrey is committed to changing what it means to be a human being and creating a new world for her children and others to live into. She puts herself out there and does what she says she will. She lives her life boldly and with alacrity. Her commitment is to YFF succeeding and with velocity.

Caleb Lake

Caleb Lake

Caleb believes in truth, freedom and love.  He loves to learn from mother earth and human kind.  Caleb has been a member of Youth For Freedom since 2011 and a very large part of his soul belongs here.  He dreams of being a leader among leaders and believes that every human being is royalty. Through leading himself and following others, Caleb embodies greatness.  His goal is to share that way of being with those around him.  He leads from the front and is willing to do what is necessary to create a life of greatness.  He follows those in the back to assure that all feel the presence of greatness and peace of heart.  He is free spirited, compassionate, and a wholehearted healer, leader, hero, and adventurer.  He chooses to stand with and serve those who believe and want and choose to be alive.

Heather Ludwig

Heather Ludwig

Heather is a master listener. She is committed to empowering individuals in creating powerful shifts in their lives. Heather obtained her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling and is sought after as both a Life Coach and Licensed Professional Clinical Therapist. Heather has over 15 years of experience of working with youth and has a special affinity in connecting with them. She has a special, inspired ability of creating space for people to be themselves. She values teaching these skills to youth and young adults within the “LiFE” (Live For Excellence) program  and assist them in gaining access to their greatness. People are able to see the best in themselves and others when they are in her space. She believes it is a gift to be with others, and that you matter in everything that you do and don’t do.

Zackary Taylor

Zackary Taylor

Zackary loves to explore anything and everything and has a huge curiosity for life. He has passed on his love of questions to his three small children. “Why” is a constant phrase in the Taylor household. His abilty to ask questions has allowed for Zackary to become a creation master. He creates from nothing and can link things together that seem impossible. He loves working with youth and showing them new ways of thinking and being. Some of his favortie ways to create include: legos, drawing, and websites. He is committed to living a full life surrounded by community. He embodies YFF’s mission to “Be Awesome.”

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