Youth for Freedom’s Purpose

Transformational Youth Leadership.

Youth for Freedom Worldwide is an international personal and professional growth, training, and leadership development non-profit company—a global educational enterprise committed to transforming the lives of youth and those in the lives of youth (so basically everyone), into lives of POWER, FREEDOM, & ALIVENESS.

We offer summer camps, online courses, and leadership programs that are cutting edge, potently life altering, and fun. Youth for Freedom and it’s leadership programs have produced countless lasting breakthrough results in the lives of youth, making us a new leader in our field.

Headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, Youth for Freedom offers a summer camp in St. George, Utah, as well as mobile seminars in locations worldwide, online courses, speakers, and international coaching. Close to 7,000 people have participated in Youth for Freedom’s programs.

What Youth for Freedom Is:

Youth For Freedom is a unique leadership company that offers experiential leadership training in a variety of mediums. We have camps, online mentoring, in person events and more.

In these programs, youth will break open the stories they tell about themselves that are halting their leadership expression. They will be pushed and go outside of their comfort zones. They will be recognized for their unique potential. They will learn leadership principles and do exercises that will help them gain confidence and understanding about the leader they already are.

Our programs are for teens who are ready to show up and go all in. They will build their leadership skills and create friends that will last a lifetime. Great leaders know to surround themselves with POWERFUL people, and our programs are your teen’s chance to experience this over and over again throughout their teen years.

We are not your average leadership camp. We have carefully cultivated experiential programs, with tested leadership activities calculated to help youth get the most transformative experience possible.

What is “Experiential Leadership Training?”

At Youth for Freedom, we don’t sit around in conference rooms with power points teaching kids the “benefits of good managers.” No! We put them in simulations and exercises where they get to practice leadership in real-world situations. They get to experiment and try and fail and succeed through application. We teach them games and principles, and then help them see how they played the game as an example of one way to show up and what they could do differently to work with other people.

Our programs are not only exciting, they have a solid strategy behind them specifically designed to help teens walk in their own unique leadership styles. We are consciously present to what the teens of today need and we love the opportunity to work directly with them in experiences that will leave them forever altered.

Is this a religious program?

No, it is not. We are are a LEADERSHIP program focused on conscious and authentic leadership. We recognize that there is a great deal of turmoil in the world, especially in the past few years. We want to be a BRIDGE between the polarities we see. We are non-denominational and non-religious. We are teaching principles of leadership, of how people work together, and how we can grow in our authenticity. Youth from religious, secular or other backgrounds will ALL benefit from coming to this camp and learning HOW to work together from a place of integrity and authenticity no matter where you come front. In fact, we think we are on the forefront of leadership education; creating new kinds of leaders with the skills to push through the noise, build connections, and bridge our differences. 

Participation in camp will not be restricted based on gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religious or political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability or any other basis of discrimination.


What Youth for Freedom is NOT:

Youth for Freedom is not a therapy program.

Is there crying? Yes. Going outside your comfort zone is uncomfortable! We create a judgment free zone for teens to be in whatever comes up and move through it quickly and powerfully.

Are there breakthroughs in what you want for your teen? Yes. But this is not a program to “fix” your child. This is a leadership program focused on getting whatever is in the way of  your child’s leadership and expression out of the way.

If your child has clinical depression, anxiety, or another medical/emotional need, we recommend therapy as a first step. Once they have established a healthy baseline, this is the program to uplevel and advance their confidence, leadership, and impact on the people around them.

Why should I get my teen in one of your programs?

Because you want to light a spark under your teen for Leadership, Motivation, Productivity, Ambition, Vision, and Drive. 

Because you want them to experience working with incredible mentors who have put in the work to KNOW who they are, and can help them; exactly where they are. 

Because you want them to connect with powerful teens and make friendships that will literally last the rest of their life

Because you want them to experience incredible transformation and see themselves the way you do. 

Because you want them to be happy. And you cannot be happy without pushing through to the other side and seeing reality. 

Because you want them to Unleash their Leadership

Because it will change their life. And we don’t say that lightly. We have been doing this for over 20 years and have seen it change thousands of teens’ and young adults’ lives. This IS the program you’ve been looking for, and we’re excited to have you be a part of our lives.

Sign up. And see your teen unleash their leadership. 

Emma A

Emma A

Youth for Freedom is such a foundational part of who I am and how I see and interact with the world. It has helped me step into my role as a leader and healer! The lessons I’ve learned, the emotional and leadership tools I’ve acquired, and connections I’ve made are truly incredible!

Stephanie C

Stephanie C

I can’t even begin to describe what Youth For Freedom created for me. I was reminded of the magnificent worth that I have. I am UNSTOBBABLE in what I can become.

Andrew R

Andrew R

This camp changed my life! I have a clearer vision of my mission in life because of this camp. Not to mention I met my closest friends still to this day at YFF.

The History of Youth for Freedom

Youth at Youth for Freedom

Youth For Freedom has been around since 2002. 

Aubrey and Zackary Taylor attended the summer leadership camp from the time they were 12. After turning 18, they ran the program as Counselors, Session Directors, and other staff positions. They are now married, and took ownership of the company in 2019, founding Youth for Freedom Worldwide.  The Taylor’s are committed to YFF being a worldwide leadership company with events happening all year long.

Filled with empowering and life changing leadership experiences, Youth For Freedom continues today as a Transformational Youth Leadership company  and everyone who participates in the programs leaves with knowing themselves on a deeper level, higher levels of trust, love, value of themselves and for others, and unleashed leadership.

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