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Donations are how we sponsor and scholarship youth that could otherwise not be involved in our programs. We also provide powerful resources, programs, and locations with our donations.

Run Support

Be one of the leaders for our youth.  Together we will create a community of people whose lives really work. Reach out if you see areas you’d like to lead in.

Board of Directors

Want to be involved in a bigger way? Our program is growing and expanding and we’re looking for more powerful people to add to our team. 


Powerful support makes YFF a success!

Youth for Freedom Worldwide (YFF), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping teens develop core leadership skills like self-awareness, influence, and communication, has pioneered an intensive summer camp to help teens build resilience and self-confidence

Youth for Freedom has goals to expand its reach to millions more. Check out our programs, sign up a teen for camp, or donate tax exempt to empowering this next generation. 

Your gift helps powerful teens like the ones pictured above UNLEASH themselves as leaders of the future.

Thank you for the life-changing gift of leadership and transformation for teens. Access to experiential leadership training has the power to break the negative cycles of poverty, health, and non-powerful communication worldwide, to make as bright a future as possible.

Thanks to your support, powerful teens who wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience our programs are able to. 

Together we are changing lives. 

From all of us at Youth for Freedom, thank you. 

YFF is the most incredible experience for youth who aspire to be leaders. They do a phenomenal job at creating a space for teens to feel safe, heard, loved, accepted and inspired. To see the transformations that happen in such a short time is nothing short of a miracle.” – Laycee, Donor

Other Ways to Donate

Venmo: @youthforfreedom

Paypal: contact@youthforfreedom.org

Send a check to:

Youth for Freedom Worldwide

3397 E Derringer Way, Gilbert, AZ 85297


Please include in your donation:

Name of Donor or Business

Physical and Email Address of Donor or Business

If you want to be involved in person email: contact@youthforfreedom.org


As a trainer for YFF, I watch miracles happen each year. I know of no other youth program that can do this much good in just three short days. The youth get re-grounded, discover really who they are, see their own potential, and get a glimpse of their own life mission. Many of these youth save up their own money to make sure they can come the next year for this life changing experience!  

James R.

YFF is an incredible experience. Many of my most cherished memories have taken place there. The growth I experienced there has had a large effect in moulding me into the person I am today.

Matthew M.

“YFF has changed my life! Thank you for letting me come! To be able to spend time with such amazing youth and people, it really is a big highlight in my life!”


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