Opportunities with Youth for Freedom

Get involved in one of these ways


Start here. A staff event or training is required for any position. You will experience what it is like for the  youth in our programs and how to create powerfully for them and yourself.


Be one of the leaders for our youth.  Together we will create a community of people whose lives really work.


Get paid to help in our programs.


Learn about the Next Staff Event


Counselors are next level!

Counselors are those that will be used as Youth leaders for our Summer camps and YFF Unleashed events throughout the year. 

Our ideal counselor is someone who is highly committed and living a life that rocks. They are on the weekly calls and in integrity with the guidelines and ways of being/code of conduct that YFF holds as a standard.

Counselor Training Program

*Attendance at a YFF Staff Training is required to continue in to this program. 

This training is for youth leaders committed to unleashing the leaders of the future. It includes weekly group coaching and accountability check-ins and full participation in Youth for Freedom summer camp!


Must have attended a YFF Staff Training

Must have filled out the Counselor Application form (Will be sent via email after Registration to the Staff Training)

Must be available for the Summer Camp staff dates June 25th-30th, 2023

    Counselor Training Program

    Gain access to:

    Weekly Coaching Calls (up to and for 1 month after YFF Summer Camp)

    Access to Position as Counselor at YFF Summer Camp

    Access to Aubrey Taylor for Coaching

    Letter of Recommendation from Youth for Freedom (upon request)

    Certificate of Completion for the Program (upon request)

    First Choice for International Event Staff




    Counselors, or younglings, who choose to excel in their training by accomplishing optional tasks may qualify to become a Padawan. This is the beginning of your journey to Apprenticeship and beyond.

    As a Padawan there are predefined tasks including; keeping integrity with program guidelines, registering youth, leading calls, staffing events, and a final interview. When these task are complete, you may be accepted as an Apprentice.


    Staff Training & Counselor Training

    Complete the Journey of a Padawan

    Gain access to:

    Positions at any Youth for Freedom Event

    Paid Opportunities within Youth for Freedom

    Coaching Opportunities

    Be a Speaker at YFF Events

    Acknowledged as a Member of Youth for Freedom


    I discovered Youth For Freedom when I was 14, and I went every year after that! I’ve worked for the conference for a couple of years, and I can say that it really does what it claims; changing youth’s lives for the better. I am so grateful for Youth For Freedom!!!

    Trina R.

    As a trainer for YFF, I watch miracles happen each year. I know of no other youth program that can do this much good in just three short days. The youth get re-grounded, discover really who they are, see their own potential, and get a glimpse of their own life mission. Many of these youth save up their own money to make sure they can come the next year for this life changing experience!  

    James R.

    YFF is an incredible experience. Many of my most cherished memories have taken place there. The growth I experienced there has had a large effect in moulding me into the person I am today.

    Matthew M.

    “YFF has changed my life! Thank you for letting me be a counselor! To be able to spend time with such amazing youth and people, it really is a big highlight in my life!”


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