Volunteer with Youth for Freedom

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Become a part of an incredible community of people who are creative, unleashed, passionate about leadership. YFF is created by everyone from the kitchen staff to the media team.  


Counselors are the heart and soul of YFF. When you become a counselor at YFF, you become central to changing the lives of the teenagers you serve, and get to experience impact face to face.

Join Our Team

Be a part of the team that creates the workings of YFF! Our team members live powerful lives and step up to build our incredible programs and community. 

Being a part of a non-profit like YFF not only is an incredible experience but looks awesome on your resume. 


Great staff make YFF a success!

Staff are the front lines of transformation for our youth. They will be asked to do hard things, get outside their comfort zone, and be improving in every aspect of their lives. Then they are asked to turn around and use their example and experiences to invite the youth who attend Youth For Freedom events to do the same.

Being a Staff Member of YFF is one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime. It is a great Carreer Internship, Volunteer Opportunity, Resume Builder, and Opportunity to GIVE BACK to teens, the future leaders of our planet.

You make friendships that last a lifetime, and get to help an organization that is changing the world. Spend time in the mountains with some of the coolest people you’ve ever met. We are looking for people who open to growth and willing to do hard things.

Staff positions we are looking for include:    

Kitchen Crew, Media, Director’s Assistant, AV Crew, Security, Nurse, EMT, Lifeguard, Camp Mom or Dad 

The transformational work I witnessed from these teens blew me away! It an amazing experience not just for myself but to witness others as well! – Amanda

Staff Training Events

Training is required to be a staff member for any Youth for Freedom event. Training will familiarize you with Youth for Freedom codes of conduct and rules of operation. It will also be your opportunity to experience first hand the core activities and Experiential Leadership Training (ELT) that make Youth for Freedom events so transformational for those who participate. There will be personal and group coaching to boost you, and take your life to the next level.

A two day online training happens before camp, details are shared in the application.

IGNITE your leadership! Check out our FREE young adult leadership events to prepare in person! 

Requirements for Staff:

Must be 19+ yrs

Must not have any children attending the Summer Camp.

Must meet all requirements in Staff Application.

Must be availble for Staff camp dates, June 25th-30th, 2023.


Counselors are next level!

You are living a powerful life. You spend your days around incredible people. You know where you’re going and what you want to do with your life. And this summer, you get to spend four action-packed days with some of the most incredible teens on the planet, uplifting and bringing out the best in them. Does this sound like something you want??

Being a counselor gives you time to be an example and be in the service of teens just like who you used to be. Spend time talking around a firepit, working through incredible leadership trainings, dancing, laughing, and having fun! We are looking for people who are already making a difference in their own lives.

As a counselor, you get the incredible opportunity to be in charge of an incredible group of youth who want to learn, look up to you, and unleash their potential. 

Counselors are those that will be used as Youth Leaders for our Summer Leadership Camps and YFF Unleashed events throughout the year. They are given first choice in Staff posistions for our Worldwide Events. 

Requirements for Counselors:

Must be 19+ yrs (Recommended for under age 30)

Must not have any children attending the Summer Camp.

Must meet all requirements in Staff Application.

Must be availble for Staff camp dates, June 25th-30th, 2023.

    Pathfinder for Counselors and Directors!

    As a counselor, if you are between the ages of 19-25, you have an incredible opportunity to apply for our Pathfinder program and scholarship. This is a $5000 Leadership Award to be used to further your leadership future. There will be one award given to a teen and one given to a staff member.

    If you are intereseted in applying for the scholarship, make sure to select Counselor and or Director in your application! Check out the Pathfinder   page to learn more!

    Join Our Team

    Our Team is Growing!

    We have volunteer opportunities, internships, program building positions, content creation and spots on our Board of Directors available! 

    All your life, you have wanted to be a part of a community where you get to help teens and adults live to their fullest capacity. You have thought about starting your own thing, but don’t want to create from scratch. If this sounds like you, come and talk to us. Youth for Freedom is growing and our vision is to have many different programs for teens to make a difference in every area of their lives.

    Working for a non-profit gives valuable experience and connections in your life. On resumes, and in real life, working for a non-profit like YFF is invaluable. You can even make a whole career using the skills you gain with us. Get in on the ground level today. 

    Our team is currently looking for Session Directors, Administration Team, Content Creators (including social media), and event planners. 

    Start by applying for a Staff posistion at our Summer Leadership Camp and see what we are all about! 


    Be a Certified Coach/Trainer with YFF! 

    Have you have been looking for the thing to take you to the next level in your career path and development. Get Certified with Youth for Freedom!

    Learn from world-class experts in coaching, event development, and haveing an impact on the people around you. Youth for Freedom is a world-class leadership program and when you certify with us, you certify with the best.

    Train with us on Experiential Leadership Training development, speaking from stage, coaching teens, and more. You can speak from stage at YFF, travel and lead events with our Director, Aubrey Taylor, coach teens in YFF, and more!

    Turn this into a career, and make the money you know you have the capacity for while living the life you love. 

    Start by applying for a Staff posistion at our Summer Leadership Camp and see what we are all about! 



    I discovered Youth For Freedom when I was 14, and I went every year after that! I’ve worked for the conference for a couple of years, and I can say that it really does what it claims; changing youth’s lives for the better. I am so grateful for Youth For Freedom!!!

    Trina R.

    As a trainer for YFF, I watch miracles happen each year. I know of no other youth program that can do this much good in just three short days. The youth get re-grounded, discover really who they are, see their own potential, and get a glimpse of their own life mission. Many of these youth save up their own money to make sure they can come the next year for this life changing experience!  

    James R.

    YFF is an incredible experience. Many of my most cherished memories have taken place there. The growth I experienced there has had a large effect in moulding me into the person I am today.

    Matthew M.

    “YFF has changed my life! Thank you for letting me be a counselor! To be able to spend time with such amazing youth and people, it really is a big highlight in my life!”