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Discover a way of being free that affects everyday of your life. At Youth for Freedom, youth learn from professional and well qualified speakers, discuss life changing books, participate in simulations where they can be real and authentic, dance, improvise, swim, laugh, and cry as they connect their heads and their hearts, receive personal mentoring, and make new friends. Youth are presented with opportunities to choose into:

  • A clearer grasp on emotional intelligence
  • A stronger sense of belonging
  • Understanding and acceptance of their own gifts and uniqueness
  • Direction, meaning, and purpose in life
  • Deeper connections with self and with others
  • Increased self-love, self-trust, and self-value
  • Lots of laughter and fun

St. George, UTAH

07/12/2020 – 07/15/2021

Monday 9am – Thursday 4pm

This camp breaks down the emotional walls that each of us have which keeps us from fully experiencing the richness of life. We are taught how to follow and achieve our inner mission to eventually become truly great human beings. This camp has changed and liberated me and brought me closer to the person I one day hope to be.  

-Emma A.

This camp has risen above all others. It changed my life, my outlook on life, other people, and myself. I can never thank all of you enough for putting this all together!!!! I LOVE YFF and can’t wait to go again next year!

-Kody D.

This is my fifth year at YFF and there is a reason for that. This program is amazing and I can’t thank you enough.

-Colin H.

The greatest three days of my entire year! -Alisa L.

Spacious & Delicious

Youth For Freedom is THE place to experience change and enjoy nature! Food and lodging are provided. 

Friendship & Style

Dance, Laugh, and Play with new friends while rocking your YFF t-shirt and backpack!

Love & Belonging

Be prepared to LOVE BIG and experience life from a place of acceptance and being SEEN.

Answers & Insight

Our world class Mentors, Coaches, Directors, and Counselors guide powerful experiential learning.

YFF Sessions

Each conference has four sessions, based primarily on age, and each session has a different focus, set of activities, and simulations that they center around.

Session 1

Ages 12-13 years

Be Awesome

Designed especially for youth ages 11 & 12*, Session 1 is created for the youth to discover their uniqueness in the world and how to be fully Self Expressed through fun and play. Youth will explore the power of Love and how to be with people exactly the way they are and exactly the way they are not, and the Peace that comes with being awesome. 

Come learn Be Awesome with us!  

Reading List:

On Its Way

by Not Decided Yet

Session 2

Ages 14-15 years

Be Powerful

In Session 2 the youth discover how to be Alive and Unleashed! They will learn skills and techniques that enable them to be Present with themselves and others and make Powerful choices. 

Come create and Be Powerful with us!


Reading List:

On Its Way

by Not Decided Yet

Session 3

Ages 15-17 years

Be Free

In Session 3 we explore the freedom that comes from being Authentic and sharing your life with others and how to be in Integrity with who you say you are in the world. We explore Acceptance of what is, of yourself and of others and the real freedom that is possible in that.  

Come experience and Be Free with us!

Reading List:

On Its Way

by Not Decided Yet

Session 4

Ages 17-18 years

Be Community

In Session 4 the youth experience what it means to be in Community and to make a difference in the world. The youth learn about being leaders from a place of Connection and Contribution. We explore the power of Celebration and living life with alacrity. 

This session is packed with simulations and activities that promote emotional, physical, and mental growth, which inspires the leader in each of them. 

Come participate in and Be Community with us!

Reading List:

On Its Way

by Not Decided Yet


What do I need to know before registering? How do I Register?

Information Needed to Complete Registration Forms:

Decide which Session the Youth desires to attend

Names of participant(s)

Dates of birth for participant(s)

Parent/Guardian information


Phone number

Emergency Contact Information

Email Address

Shirt Size (Adult sizes)

Payment information

Parental Release Information

Parent/guardian name

Emergency Contact information

Primary physician’s name and phone numbers

Insurance provider name

Insurance policy number

Medical information – medications, special needs, or existing conditions, dietary needs and allergy information

Registration Protocol:

Make sure you are logged in PRIOR to any time you are registering for events or checking on previous event registrations. INFORMATION TYPED WILL BE LOST WHEN PROMPTED TO LOG IN.

If you are idle on the registration page for 15 minutes you will automatically be timed out and will need to log back in to your account again

Registration closes 3 weeks prior to Youth For Freedom. The 1st week in June is when bookings and registrations are finalized and changes are confirmed. Following that week no changes can be made to any registrations including but not limited to session changes, registration transfers, shirt sizes, etc. 

Due to the nature of our facility, we need to ensure that every youth has enough food, the beds are prepared, and that all of our attendees receive their shirts, swag bags, and any other items.

There are no refunds. Registrations may be transferred to another youth prior to the final cut off date at the beginning of June.

Age Requirements:

To register for YFF youth must be at least 12 years old on or before December 31 of the year they attend.  A youth cannot be more than 19 years old on the first day of their session. 

Age Groups:

There are 4 different sessions, each with their own individual focus, that occur simultaneously during the given week at Youth For Freedom. Participants must select one session and associated theme focus to participate in for the duration of the week. Ages provided for the sessions are recommendations. Youth are encouraged to select their desired session to attend based on any previous sessions they may have participated in and which current session focus or theme would be most beneficial and applicable to them in their life at this current time. There is overlap in ages. Session 1 is the only session consisting of solely 12-13 year olds as the activities are catered to that age group. If session 1 has previously been attended and the youth desires to attend Session 2, please take maturity level and the youth’s desire and commitment to growth into consideration. 

If you have additional Questions or are having trouble registering:

 Please contact the Youth For Freedom Registrar or Administration team through the following emails Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm MST : & .  Remember, it is your responsibility to confirm that your registration is complete and accurate.

Make sure that you verify your email address to complete your account creation and prior to any registration attempts.

Confirmation emails are sent to you at the email address provided when you register stating that the registration is booked. If you do not receive the email confirmation, check your spam/junk folder, and if it is still not there, please contact us so that we can assist you.

Who should attend Youth for Freedom?

Any youth ages 12-19 who wants to upgrade the way they feel about themselves and their leadership skills!

Which session should I go to?

During Youth for Freedom, Youth choose one from our four “session’ options to attend. Each session has its own theme and a few recurring simulations and activities. No two years are the same. So attending the same session two years in a row is a great option. 

Session 1 – Ages 12-13

Session 2 – Ages 14-16

Session 3 – Ages 15-17

Session 4 – Ages 16- 18

– If you are unsure, please contact us at to discuss your individual youth and their needs

Can I skip a session or attend one multiple times?

Every year and experience at YFF is different from the last and can be attended multiple times. Each level is designed to build on the one ahead of it, so we strongly recommend attending them in order. Only 17 or 18 year olds attending for the first time would want to consider skipping ahead to level 3, and they are not required to do so. If you would like to learn which session would best fit your individual needs, email us at and we will be able to answer your questions to help you decide which session would best help you to grow.

Can I participate without being an attendee?

If you are 19 years of age or older you can volunteer to be on our YFF team. Everyone involved is benefited from the positive shifts that occur in YFF. Check out our Opportunities/Volunteer page here!

What do I need to bring?

Check out our PACKING LIST.

What do I need to prepare before Youth for Freedom?

Each session has a book and a TED talk video to read before attending. Check them out on the session pages.

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