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Youth for Freedom is dedicated to unleashing the power of youth. We are on a mission to get them to the next level of confidence, and feeling good about who they are. Thousands of youth have come through our programs and we can’t wait to help you and yours.

I learned to love connecting with people, and youth my age. I loved the deep conversations we had. I feel like it created a lot of friendships based on depth, and learning, and education that I wouldn’t have had otherwise

Rainee L

This camp has risen above all others and has changed my life and outlook on life and other people and also myself. I LOVE YFF and can’t wait to go again next year!

Kody D

YFF has changed my life in SO many ways. I have been inspired and uplifted from the wonderful friends I met there. The people there have taught me to be open and kind to the people around me. I’ve learned to love freedom and education.

Laura E