Youth For Freedom Summer Camp  |  Training Videos

All Staff Videos

Start here. Our staff training is required for any position. You will experience what it is like for the  youth in our programs and how to create powerfully for them and yourself.

1. Welcome

2. Sessions in our Summer Camp

3. YFF as an Organization

4. Code of Conduct & Bahavior Guidelines

5. Overview of Principles

6. The Schedule

7. Cleaning & Chores

8. Moving Crew & Kitchen Crew

9. Staff Agreements

10. Sensitive Topics with Youth – On the way

11. Disciplinary Action & Conflict Resolution – On the Way


Counselor Videos

Be one of the leaders for our youth.  Together we will create a community of people whose lives really work.

1. Preparing to be a Counselor

2. Meet Your Counselor

3. Evening Debrief

4. Book Discussions

5. Running a Simulation

6. Debriefing a Simulation

7. Building Trusting Relationships




These videos are required for every staff member.

Please have these videos watched before the staff training.

1. Welcome

Powerful people choose into making a difference in the lives of teens. Already you are someone who is up to great things and we thank you for that. We also have powerful intentions for who our staff are and how they show up. 

2. Sessions in our Summer Camp

Session 1: Be Awesome

Self Expression, Peace, & Love. 

Session 2: Be Powerful

Present, Alive, & Unleashed

 Session 3: Be Free

Integrity, Authenticity, & Acceptance.

Session 4: Be Community

Connection, Celebration, & Contribution

3. YFF as an Organization

Our Mission, Vision, Values, History, and Future

Youth for Freedom – About Page

4. Code of Conduct & Behavior Guidelines

We are levelling up as a company and these are standards we will look for in those we hire into paid positions in the future.

5. Overview of Principles

We have principles we operate by in our day to day lives that help create us into powerful people who can show up as leaders to the youth 

6. The Schedule

The youth are all in that time in their life where they are testing and observing to see if we are people of our word. Keeping to the schedule is a way that we will establish credibility with the youth. It also helps us run a powerful and well oiled event. 

7. Cleaning & Chores

Leave every place better than you found it. 

8. Moving Crew & Kitchen Crew

Take Care of Yourself

9. Staff Agreements

You must agree to all of these to be a staff member. If you have concerns, contact one of the directors.


These videos are for Counselors to watch 🙂

If you are interested in being a Counselor for Summer Camp please have these videos watched before the Staff Training.

1. Preparing to be a Counselor

Get Ready for the ride of your life, but don’t worry we will set you up for success. 

2. Meet Your Session & Meet Your Counselor

This will be your everyone first interaction so make sure you are set up for success.

3. How to do an Evening Debrief


4. How to Run a Book Discussion


5. How to Run a Simulation


6. How do a Good Simulation Debreif


7. Building Trusting Relationships


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers are on their way!

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