Unleashing Young Adult Leaders

IGNITE was developed to foster the unique and innate leadership potential that young adults have. Cultivating their leadership skills is one of the most crucial things we can resource them with, connecting them with the ability to direct their lives powerfully, and empowering them with the ability to impact change throughout their life.

This is a FREE  one day event for Young Adults who are passionate about Leadership and willing to PLAY BIG, DIVE DEEP, and go ALL IN.

Multiple events happen around the country and are also the first step in being a staff member for Youth for Freedom. This a unique and powerful experience and in and of itself, this program WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Upcoming Programs

BONUS EXPERIENCE at Youth for Freedom Summer Leadership Camp

Here’s what the day will look like:

This is a leadership intensive event that will be active, intense, and fun.

We will experience leadership games that sneak up on your brain and show you whats in the way of you living BIG.

We will have powerful conversations around what leadership means and what real connection looks like.

We will set you up powerfully to launch into a life of impact and making a difference.

You will connect with other powerful young adults who are ready to IGNITE their life.

This is the spark you have been looking for to lead yourself into the life you really want to be living.

All current programs have completed. You can join us as a Staff Member at Youth for Freedom by visiting our Opportunities Page.

Or you can put yourself of the wait list for our next event or request one in your area.


Want to Unleash your Leadership in a bigger way?


Join us as a Staff Member of our Summer Leadership camp! Enhance your journey of leadership and find your unique path. This camp will push you outside your comfort zone while in a judgement free community.

You will be challenged, expanded, and loved along the way.


Here's what others have said about our thought leadership and training

My relationship with my sister was healed after years of hurt.

Brooke C. 

It has increased my power times 50. 

Jaron L. 

Thank you so much for creating a place where I can feel safe and loved and where I learn and grow and improve.


This is an amazing experience!

Emily O.

Every time I learn something new and grow even more. 

Jonah B.

Thank you so much for changing my life and helping me find out who I am!

Peter K.

I forgot it was possible to be this inspired!

Mari Jane J. 

It really helped me become a better person. 

Lauryn P. 

Thank you for giving me the chance to change my life!

Spencer M.

The changes that happen in peoples lives are HUGE! 

Rockwell D.

This made a powerful difference in my life. 

Lisa C.