Summer Camp

Unleashing the leaders of the Future.

Parents who are wishing they could figure out how to light a spark under their teen for motivation, productivity, ambition, vision and drive. 

This is the leadership program you’ve been looking for. 

4 Days of Transformation

An intellectually stimulating, emotionally intelligent, socially connecting, physically active, rambunctious time!

All Inclusive

On top of our high level leadership training and transformation, all food and lodging is provided, even special dietary needs! 

Connection With Other Powerful Teens

Connect with our other AMAZING teens and build relationships that will last a lifetime.


June 26th – 29th 2023

Monday – Thursday

Youth Ages 11-18

$995  $795

Discounts for multiples available at checkout.

What Teens Are Saying…

Yff absolutely change my life in the best way imaginable! It has helped shape the path I am on today. It is absolutely worth every penny.

Sabrina G.

YFF Teen

This camp changed my life! I have a clearer vision of my mission in life because of this camp. Not to mention I met my closest friends.

Andrew R.

YFF Teen

I can’t even begin to describe what Youth For Freedom created for me. I am UNSTOPPABLE in what I can become.

Stephanie C.

YFF Teen

A Journey Tailored for Every Year

Our Summer Camp has sessions for different age groups, they all take place at the same time.

Session 1  |  Be Awesome  |  Ages 11-12

Self Expression, Peace, & Love

Designed especially for youth ages 11 & 12*, Session 1 is created for the youth to discover their uniqueness in the world and how to be fully Self Expressed through fun and play. Youth will explore the power of Love and how to be with people exactly the way they are and exactly the way they are not, and the Peace that comes with being awesome. 

Come learn Be Awesome with us!

Session 2  |  Be Powerful  |  Ages 13-14

Present, Alive, & Unleashed

In Session 2 the youth discover how to be Alive and Unleashed! They will learn skills and techniques that enable them to be Present with themselves and others and make Powerful choices.

Come create and Be Powerful with us!

Session 3  |  Be Free  |  Ages 15-16

Integrity, Authenticity, & Acceptance

In Session 3 we explore the freedom that comes from being Authentic and sharing your life with others and how to be in Integrity with who you say you are in the world. We explore Acceptance of what is, of yourself and of others and the real freedom that is possible in that.  

Come experience and Be Free with us!

Session 4  |  Be Community  |  Ages 17-18

Connection, Celebration, & Contribution

In Session 4 the youth experience what it means to be in Community and to make a difference in the world. The youth learn about being leaders from a place of Connection and Contribution. We explore the power of Celebration and living life with alacrity.

This session is packed with simulations and activities that promote emotional, physical, and mental growth, which inspires the leader in each of them.

Come participate in and Be Community with us!

Your youth will be placed in a session according to age. The registration process is the same for all ages.

BONUS for Session 4 – Ages 17-18

Join our Pathfiner Future Leaders program and enter to win $5000 towards your future in leadership and impact!

Want to start a business? Need tuition for college? Want to serve a humaitarian mission? Use this program to LAUNCH YOUR PATH.

You WILL leave this program with a CLEAR PATH to your dreams being realized, and one Leader of Leaders will leave with $5000!

What Parents Are Saying…

This is the most amazing youth camp! My kids wish it would never end.

Lynn A.

YFF Parent

The impact this camp is going to have on your children will spill over into your entire home!

Sara S.

YFF Parent

YFF is the most positive and impactful youth experience I have ever come across!

Angel N.

YFF Parent

Youth for Freedom is for you if…

You are seeking to find out who you are and where you belong.

You are ready to LEARN, SEE, EXPERIENCE, and BELIEVE that you have an identity as a POWERFUL leader.

You are ready to develop meaning and purpose and discover that you have a mission in life.

You want to crack the code on your intellectual capacity and LIGHT THE FIRE of your leadership potential.

You are ready for a perspective change plus the skills and abilities to make the change permanant. 

You want to surround yourself with powerful peers, coaches, mentors, and influencers and build relationships that will last a life time. 

Active ELT Learning


We use Experiential Leadership Training (ELT) which is part of why our programs are so successful. Teens are encouraged to get out of their comfort zones and are given opportunities to lead. 

Using ELT, teens gain more self awareness than most adults experience on a regular basis. 

And because THEY learned it, it sticks. 


Open, Beautiful, and Refreshing Ranch

We spend most of the day outside learning and growing together in the amazing Zion area. 

Teens stay in lodges, cabins, bunk houses, or tents with counselors and staff. Our meals are handmade, healthy and awesome.

This generation NEEDS this type of experience based learning!

$995  $795

Discounts for multiples available at checkout.

Here's what others have said about our thought leadership and training

My relationship with my sister was healed after years of hurt.

Brooke C. 

It has increased my power times 50. 

Jaron L. 

Thank you so much for creating a place where I can feel safe and loved and where I learn and grow and improve.


This is an amazing experience!

Emily O.

Every time I learn something new and grow even more. 

Jonah B.

Thank you so much for changing my life and helping me find out who I am!

Peter K.

I forgot it was possible to be this inspired!

Mari Jane J. 

It really helped me become a better person. 

Lauryn P. 

Thank you for giving me the chance to change my life!

Spencer M.

The changes that happen in peoples lives are HUGE! 

Rockwell D.

This made a powerful difference in my life. 

Lisa C. 

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