Unleashing the Leaders of the Future

The Teen Leadership Academy, an online leadership intensive, was developed to foster the unique and innate leadership potential that our teens have. Cultivating their leadership skills is one of the most crucial things we can resource them with, connecting them with the ability to direct their lives powerfully, and empowering them with the ability to impact change throughout their life.

Our teens have incredible potential. However, so often, they’re in a world where that gets boxed. 

We want to offer your teen a new way of seeing themselves. A way where they see and relate to themselves through the lens of ‘leader’. Where they come to recognize their own gifts and talents, understand their own strengths, and appreciate their own uniqueness. And with this new identity, start exploring themselves and their world in a new way

Over 12 months within the Teen Leadership Academy, your teen will be inside of an environment that draws out their potential, builds their confidence, and develops their leadership skills. 

You’ve probably already wondered what you could connect your son or daughter to, to help them tap into their potential? Well, you’ve found it.

Introducing the Teen Leadership Academy

The TEEN LEADERSHIP ACADEMY is a 12 month specialist program that will help your teen:

Build their self esteem.

Develop their critical thinking skills. 

Acceerate their leadership capacity.

Be someone who contributes to the world. 

Expand their growth mindsets. 

Deal powerfully with upsets and setbacks.

What Our Families Are Saying…

“I have never seen a more effective program that teaches youth leadership, having a voice, developing self worth, making friends and fitting in, emotional intelligence, and ambition.” – YFF Parent

“YFF’s programs have provided tools for my daughters to become their own leaders, so that they grow into future leaders for others.”

-YFF Parent

Here’s how your teen will be supported over the coming 12 months.

Your teen will be a part of a comprehensive online leadership program, where over the year they will be able to access leadership training, live leadership lessons, a community of other teens also committed to growing their leadership, and mentors for leadership expansion and impact. So many exciting things are included in TLA over the 12 months that will help teens reach their goals and and harness their leadership skills. And yes, this is an online program that can be done from anywhere in the world so location is not a problem.

TLA Full Pay




*Pay in full and receive a bonus training emailed to you!





Paid monthly in 12 Installments

Want to Unleash your Leadership in Person?


Join us at our Summer Leadership camp! Enhance your journey of leadership and find your unique path. This camp will push you outside your comfort zone while in a judgement free community. 

You will be challenged, expanded, and loved along the way. 


Here's what others have said about our thought leadership and training

My relationship with my sister was healed after years of hurt.

Brooke C. 

It has increased my power times 50. 

Jaron L. 

Thank you so much for creating a place where I can feel safe and loved and where I learn and grow and improve.


This is an amazing experience!

Emily O.

Every time I learn something new and grow even more. 

Jonah B.

Thank you so much for changing my life and helping me find out who I am!

Peter K.

I forgot it was possible to be this inspired!

Mari Jane J. 

It really helped me become a better person. 

Lauryn P. 

Thank you for giving me the chance to change my life!

Spencer M.

The changes that happen in peoples lives are HUGE! 

Rockwell D.

This made a powerful difference in my life. 

Lisa C. 

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