Throughout my life I have often heard the saying “Knowledge is Power”. Is this true or do people say it because they heard someone else say it? Let’s figure this out. When you have experienced gaining knowledge, do you experience the gain of power? Have you ever read a book and then you immediately feel more passionate, inspired or motivated afterwards? I certainly have. Have you ever read a book and felt a wave of sadness or angst against you? Again, I have.

Knowledge appears to contain power. Have you ever been lying in bed depressed, knowing that your life is passing you by yet you can’t find the energy to get up and you continually lose your energy while getting angrier at yourself for being in that state? I have. – This is an example of a situation where knowledge can assist in the negative transformation of our power.

So getting back to the question, does knowledge have power? The answer is, yes. It has the power to
move you or to stop you from moving which may result in both positive and negative results. Our knowledge assists in directing the momentum of our lives. Think about this for a minute, when you feel stuck do you find yourself creating a logical entrapment, pointing out all the areas of your situation until you freeze? And when you feel empowered do you find yourself opening to all the ways you can become even greater? Knowledge assists the power of our consciousness in moving us towards the direction we have (directly or indirectly) chosen. It is quite powerful.

Knowledge can assist in gathering, distributing and enacting power. It can show us what we can do with life and how to do it. Though, if we don’t listen to our inner guidance, our knowledge will turn the momentum of our power against us (Or so it seems) until only direct purpose can free us from the reversed momentum.

Are there areas in your life where you have too much knowledge? For example, is there an art, hobby or line of work that you love to learn about but you don’t have the motivation to do? Maybe you love to study fitness yet only mentally and so you lose motivation in life because you KNOW what you should be doing and aren’t doing it?

If this is the case I give you a call to action. I want to see you thriving in your environment and that means turning your knowledge into momentum that acts for you and NOT against you. If you are reading this and find that you are great at following through with your knowledge, I encourage you to continue doing so.

We live in the age of information and we have the knowledge of our world and even much of our universe at our fingertips! It is incredible when you realize how much knowledge we have access to. In this instance knowledge is extremely powerful! If you want to learn how to do something, you have access to the required information. You can be whoever you have the will power and the drive to be! Whatever you want to do, there are instructions on our internet and in our communities leading you in those directions.

If you feel powerless in your life, I encourage you to do your research and gain the knowledge that it takes to return you to your power. In this day the only thing that can stop you from your success is Imprisonment, death or your choice to stop. If you are unsure, if you don’t know, if you are stuck, simply ask. There is someone is our world who has conquered similar struggles and is ready to serve you. One of my hardest struggles in this age is that I no longer have excuses. It is a blessing but can seem like a curse. “I don’t know” Is only a temporary excuse. Think you are powerless? Look at how much you can communicate with and affect nearly anyone worldwide right from you living room! We no longer have the excuse of being powerless or not knowing.

But we do have the power to become whoever we dream to be. I encourage you to act in the areas of your life where you have the knowledge. I encourage you to use the wisdom of the parents, the teachers, the guides and the friends all around you so that you may rise to the state of thriving. I encourage you to see through your excuses and to use your loved ones to find your power so that you may become great, teach greatness and serve with greatness. Does knowledge have power? Yes. Does the momentum of your knowledge move you to a greater or a lesser life?
That is for you to decide.

Recognize your knowledge, stand in your power and be your greatest version.

– YFF 2019 Session 2 Director, Caleb Lake

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