The 4 YFF Sessions

At our Youth For Freedom Conferences, the youth are divided into four different sessions. Each session has a unique motto and leadership skills that are primarily focused on. Session one is specifically for our younger youth, ages 12-13 and youth that may be coming for the first time and are in the younger age group (12-14 years old). Session 2 is usually for youth 14-15 years old. Sessions 3 and 4 are usually for youth 16-18 years old.

What is Session 1 all about?

The motto for Session One is SAY GO BE DO. Designed especially for youth ages 12-13, SayGoBeDo, one of our company values, is meant to teach the youth to recognize the everyday calls to action, and to Say, Go, Be, or Do something about it.

Saywhat you need to say
Gowhere you need to go
Bewho you need to be
Dowhat you need to do

Come learn about greatness with us. Learn to recognize the call to action, and learn to SayGoBeDo in your everyday life!

What is Session 2 all about?

The motto for Session Two is Power of Purpose. In Session two, the youth discover their tremendous and personal power to make their lives JOYOUS!  

They will learn skills and techniques that enable them to be their best selves and make purposeful choices that create a better life.

What is Session 3 all about?

The motto for Session Three is Define, Learn, Do. 

Define the life that happens around you, and your role in it.

Learnfrom what life is offering us, and how we are showing up for it in return.

Do something about what we have learned, and constantly create from it the life that we want.

What is Session 4 all about? 

The motto for Session Four is Be The Change.

The youth experience what it means to act, versus being acted upon. They learn that if there is anything in their world that they are struggling with or wishing for, they have the power within themselves to change and create it. 

This session is packed with simulations and activities that promote emotional, physical, and mental growth, which in turn, creates leaders. The youth learn what it truly means to be a leader and what “standing in their power” looks like. Session 4 teaches the youth that instead of looking for change, they can BE the change!

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