Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  —Ghandi

The youth experience what it means to act, versus being acted upon. They learn that if there is anything in their world that they are struggling with or wishing for, they have the power within themselves to change and create it.

This session is packed with simulations and activities that promote emotional, physical, and mental growth, which in turn, creates leaders. The youth learn what it truly means to be a leader and what “standing in their power” looks like. Session 4 teaches the youth that instead of looking for change, they can BE the change!

Meet The Session Directors

Our session directors work together to create an incredible experience for you!

Daniel Aranda

Daniel Aranda

Session Director


Daniel is probably the craziest, silliest person you’ll ever meet. If it looks like he’s talking to himself, it’s probably because he’s thinking of a funny TV or movie quote. And if he starts quoting Jimmy Stewart to you, just nod slowly and walk away. He has been a counselor at YFF since 2013, and has taught drawing and animation skills to high school and college students. He believes with his whole heart that finding your passion unlocks the firepower that excels every aspect of your life. He currently resides in Southern California, trying to become the best artist he can be. He dreams of one day having a wife and somewhere between 2 to 34 kids, he’s not sure yet.

For me level for was about being ready for the world. You are constantly surprising yourself. You thought you knew who you were, you thought you were decent at being a leader. Well be prepared to throw all of those thoughts away, and give your 1000% this is the level that made me grow the most, I feel that I am completely prepared for the world now, there is nothing stopping me.

-Shaun L.

Reading List

Please have these materials read before attending the camp. This is not required, its just an awesome opportunity to read some great stuff and have something fresh to talk about at the conference.

How to Be Like Walt by Pat Williams 

“Tony Robbins About Sly Stallone and Rocky Story”

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