Define the life that happens around you, and your role in it.

Learn from what life is offering us, and how we are showing up for it in return.

Do something about what we have learned, and constantly create from it the life that we want.


Meet The Session Directors

Our session directors work together to create an incredible experience for you!

Benjamin Beals

Benjamin Beals

Session Director

Benjamin Beals believes in fun! Arizona boy, born and raised. He is a fashion connoisseur, a Spartan Race enthusiast and has a deep obsession with Arby’s, Buffalo Chicken Sliders. Ben’s power animal is a lion. When he grows up he wants to live in a cottage in the middle of the woods with him and his pet wolf. Ben has been involved in Youth For Freedom for 11 years both as a youth and administration. Above all, Ben stands for love, empathy and acceptance with a huge desire to give youth permission to love, understand and accept SELF. 

YFF has helped me become a different person, refocus my whole life, and live my mission. I made some of the best friends ever and strengthened friendships I already had. Words really can’t say how much YFF has changed me forever. Thank you!!

-Missy D.

Reading List

Please have these materials read before attending the conference. This is not required, its just an awesome opportunity to read some great stuff and have something fresh to talk about at the conference.

The Giver by Lois Lowry

“The Gift of Silence” by Nick Seaver

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