“It is the personal approach that carries the climate, it is your daily mood that creates the weather.”  

In session 2 the youth discover their tremendous and personal power to make their lives JOYOUS! 

They will learn skills and techniques that enable them to be their best selves and make purposeful choices that create a better life.

Meet The Session Directors

Our session directors work together to create an incredible experience for you!

Caleb Lake

Caleb Lake

Session Director

    Caleb believes in truth, freedom and love.  He loves to learn from mother earth and human kind.  Caleb has been a member of Youth For Freedom since 2011 and a very large part of his soul belongs here.  He dreams of being a leader among leaders and believes that every human being is royalty. Through leading himself and following others, Caleb embodies greatness.  His goal is to share that way of being with those around him.  He leads from the front and is willing to do what is necessary to create a life of greatness.  He follows those in the back to assure that all feel the presence of greatness and peace of heart.  He is free spirited, compassionate, and a wholehearted healer, leader, hero, and adventurer.  He chooses to stand with and serve those who believe and want and choose to be alive.

Attending YFF was a decision that forever changed me for the better. I grew a special amount of love for not only my group but my group leaders. They opened my eyes to the importance of life in general. YFF will always remain close to my heart.

-Jay K.

Reading List

Please have these materials read before attending the camp. This is not required, its just an awesome opportunity to read some great stuff and have something fresh to talk about at the conference.

The Four Agreemens by Don Miguel Ruiz

Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling by Emilie Wapnick

Power of Purpose Pictures!


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