Designed especially for youth ages 12-13*, Session 1 is meant to teach the youth to recognize the everyday calls to action, and to Say, Go, Be, or Do something about it.

Come learn about greatness with us. Learn to recognize the call to action, and learn to act in your everyday life.

Meet The Session Directors

Our session directors work together to create an incredible experience for you!

Session Director

Session Director

Cool person details coming soon 🙂

Session director is someone who is doing things with there life and living with purpose and integrity and grit. These are not people we pulled from behind a trash can some where, this is a person with access to power and coolness.

This is the best camp I have ever been too for youth! It really is LIFE CHANGING!!! Youth For Freedom is amazing! You will learn more about who you are, and who you can become. You will meet amazing friends that you would have never met before. You have to come! GO YFF!!!!

-Braxee W.

Reading List

Please have these materials read before attending the camp. This is not required, it’s just an awesome opportunity to read some great stuff and have something fresh to talk about during our book discussions at camp.

To Be Announced.

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