My peeps, join me on my gratitude journey. Get aboard my gratitude train and let’s take a ride down the thankful tracks.

I judge myself, I compare myself, I have looked at myself and loathed every ounce of me, from the golden tint in my iris, to the shape of my head, to the birthmark on my right calf. If it’s a part of me, I’ve hated it. When I posted a picture of my hairy legs to my Instagram story the other day, and said I liked my hairy legs, it was an actual realization that I had grown to love and be grateful for a part of me that I had loathed ALL my life.
I remember the day my friend leaned over while we at the pool and touched my leg to grab my attention and was shocked at the amount of hair swaying in the water like so much seaweed. As she touched me she said, “You’re legs are so hairy!!” I, being the cute little 13 year old who already felt unsure of this new found part of himself, slid into my shell of embarrassment over my behemothly hairy legs.

So I’d like to issue a challenge to you this month.

My November challenge to you is this:
What part of you do you loath? What part of you are you embarrassed of? Are they the same thing? (Might be interesting to note and take a look at..)
Now, take a moment to express empathy for that part of you. Seek to understand it, share your gratitude with it, and then, if you’re brave enough, express your gratitude to someone for it.

Your journey may not be like mine, but the gratitude train takes us all to the same destination: Peace and Acceptance. Let’s get there together my loves!

– Benjamin Beals

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