Q: What is Youth For Freedom?

A: Youth For Freedom (YFF) is an organization who believes that freedom is powerful. YFF works with youth ages 12-18 to create leaders who believe that they have the power to create change in the world. 

Q: What does Youth For Freedom teach?

A: Youth For Freedom facilitates the development of Leadership Skills through emotional, mental, and personal freedom.

Q: How is your staff trained?

A: Youth For Freedom Staff undergo liability training yearly. All youth counselors are intensely interviewed, selected, trained, and supervised by a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.

Q: Does Youth For Freedom incorporate religion?

A: Yes, we are multi-denominational! YFF welcomes any and all religious beliefs, even if the individual has none. Each religion is respected as well as the individual who believes and practices it.

Q: What will the youth experience at a YFF Conference?

A: Youth will have the opportunity to participate in leadership simulations that will test their knowledge, strength, and willpower. They will have the opportunity to participate in book discussions. Youth will be exposed to a variety of speakers and topics that will expand their understanding of their personal freedom at the core. They will also experience an assortment of fun activities such as dances, games, improv and much more!


-Youth For Freedom Admin

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