Families For Freedom

Families that are ALIVE, UNITED, & SEEN.

Is your family ready for united growth?

It’s YOUR turn.

We are excited to bring to ten of our YFF families a weekend event with our top leaders and present you with an opportunity to recreate your world, take ownership of your life, and live from a place of POWER.

When you attend this event and participate from a committed place, we promise you will leave having:

  • Discovered what it means to powerfully listen. (This alone will shift your family!)
  • Access to power in your relationships, even those ones that seem impossible.
  • A new understanding that you matter.
  • Reprogrammed your language to be sourced from power.
  • The books, tools, suggestions, and coaching to continue the work at home.

Comfortable & Cozy

Individual cabins for each family.

Healthy & Delicious

YFF’s Culinany Master catering every meal.

Powerful & Influencial

Our top Mentors and Coaches guiding experiential learning.

Unity & Love

Time to connect with your family and grow together.

YFF has changed my life! I look forward to this camp all year. Thank you so much for creating a place where I can feel safe and loved and where I learn and grow and improve.

5000% increase doesn’t come close to what you’ve done for me.

Event Coming Soon!


Who should attend Familes for Freedom?

Any family that is willing to choose into a new and powerful way of being and seeing each other with out any stories.

How much does it cost?

Familes for Freedom is $2500 for a family of 4. $100 will be added for every additional family member.

Will food and lodging be provided?

We have an increidble chef joining us who will provide healthy meals. Holmstead Ranch is an amazing location to facilitate all of our needs.

What do I need to bring?

Here is a packing list. Food, water, pens, and notebooks will be provided.

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