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Youth For Freedom

July 23rd to 27th 2019
Tuesday 2:00 PM to Saturday 2:00 PM
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Ticket Type Price Spaces
All Conference - Individual Youth Standard Ticket $510.00
Family Ticket - 2 Youth
1st: $510 ~ 2nd: $255 = $765 Total
Family Ticket - 3 Youth
1st: $510 ~ 2nd: $255 ~ 3rd: $255 = $1020 Total
Family Ticket - 4 Youth
1st: $510 ~ 2nd: $255 ~ 3rd: $255 ~ 4th: $255 = $1275 Total
Family Ticket - 5 Youth
1st: $510 ~ 2nd: $255 ~ 3rd: $255 ~ 4th: $255 ~ 5th: $255 = $1530 Total
Billing Information
Fill youth information above in attendee sections

Event Notes

For the first time in Youth For Freedom history, we are excited to

announce that Youth For Freedom 2019 will be 5 Days Long!!!


Youth For Freedom is excited to continue our partnership with Dixie State University in St. George, Utah in co-creating a powerful experience for all of the youth involved. Their incredible staff share our passion for helping youth create powerful lives through leadership and personal growth and are excited to have us with them!**

Participating youth will have the opportunity to stay in the Campus View Dorms, be on campus for Youth For Freedom Leadership activities and will be dining in the DSU Trailblazers Café.

Trailblazers Café Lunch/Dinner has 5 “Stations” with daily fresh cooked meals, including a salad bar option that is available for all varieties of dietary needs.

The program aims to be affordable. In addition to a modest registration fee for the program, Youth For Freedom offers a “family discount” – first child pays full price, each additional child pays half price – allowing parents to send multiple children to participate in this life changing experience and increasing the impact on the entire family.

Many other factors make this an opportunity unlike anything else. Please make sure to select each specific option for your family’s needs. If you have any questions please let us know.

2019 Youth For Freedom Liability Waiver Form

At Youth For Freedom, we aim to provide a safe learning environment, free of judgement for your child to grow with us this summer. By signing this form I (the parent/guardian) agree that in the event of an incident, to release Youth for Freedom, its officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of actions whatsoever for any loss, claim, damage, injury, illness or harm of any kind or nature arising out of participating in the aforementioned activity whether caused by negligence of releases or otherwise except that for which they are solely responsible. Youth For Freedom will not be held responsible and is waived of any responsibility for the attending youth’s safety or welfare at the Youth For Freedom Conference, held in the state of Utah, Summer 2019.

(Please list all if more than one child/attendee)



I understand that Youth For Freedom at Dixie State University is a CLOSED campus. I, nor any other acquaintances, friends, family, etc.. all inclusive are allowed on campus or to associate with my participating youth for liability purposes unless otherwise designated at specified times during parent meetings or emergencies.



**It is the sole responsibility of the youth’s guardian(s) to arrange travel to and from Dixie State University. Youth For Freedom Staff does not and will not facilitate or help with any carpool or travel arrangements.**


Campus View Suites are directly on campus, with a short walk to the Auditorium, Café, Conference Rooms, and the rest of the University. YFF will be staying in these new four-story, suite-style dorms. The layout for the dorms is above.

Event Location

Dixie State University

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