Do you believe in blessings?

Can you recall an event in your life where you were blessed? What about an event where you blessed someone else? I want to share a a story of a recent experience I had where I was a blessing to someone else. This is a story where I felt as if I was acting as the hand of my higher power.

About a month ago I was driving home from my Fiance’s house. It was early in the day so I had plenty of time to complete my projects and to do some stuff that I had been putting off. While driving home I stopped at a Smith’s grocery store. I thought, “Should I gas up now or afterward? I will gas up first.” After going into the store I realized I needed to use the restroom.  Afterwards, I decided to get my groceries. I was curious to see if there were any deals (on cheese I think) and so aside from my prior planning, I went over to the cheese island. 

It was right then that I noticed a good family friend who I have known for a very long time. I only see her about twice a year in random places (while going into the store, I was keeping my eyes wide open thinking “I wonder if I will see anyone I know today?”). I approached and we started talking. She mentioned that it was funny/ironic because she didn’t know why she was in the part of the store that she was, she had “kind of wandered to this area”. She was holding yogurt in her hands and said she was in the middle of moving to a new home. She then proceeded to ask in a very straightforward manner, “Do you have the time right now to come to help me move? I have too much to do, I had to get my stuff moved today and I don’t know what to do so I was going to go home, eat this yogurt and cry.”. I choose to make time for her after seeing her helpless pain. Also after seeing each moment, each tiny detail that aligned so that we would run into each other, I knew that it was very important that I helped and so I proceeded to give her the next several hours of my time. 

So why was this story important? I am often thinking about life’s miracles. During this event, I realized that not only was I creating a miracle but that I was a miracle. I realized that our lives were synchronized in just the right way so that I showed up as a miracle, a blessing and a help in her life. We moved a lot of stuff, and it was hard. However after it all, I was glowing. I felt so alive, invigorated, motivated and I felt such a strong sense of purpose. I strongly experienced the knowing and feeling that our planet and my higher power had a very specific purpose for me. I knew that every action, every misstep and every occurrence in my life, had led to this act of greatness.

In every moment each one of us has the choice to be the movers and shakers creating a greater good. Each one of us has the opportunity to act as the hand of our higher power.

What do you choose? What character are you choosing to create in yourself? Next time you are offered a chance to be a miracle, take that offer and you will not be disappointed.

-Caleb Lake, 2019 Session 2 Director

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