September 2018 Newsletter

Dearest friends and fellow humans,

    Hi! How are you? What’s new? What’s good? What’s hard? What’s interesting? What’s up?

    I’ve been growing a lot lately; studying the world, studying other people.

    Here is something I’ve learned:

You matter.

    You are the progeny of Divinity, of the Ultimate Good. You are a vessel of light and truth. You are part of something so much greater than you, and I bet, like myself, you at times forget this. But do not forget: You would not have been created if your existence did not matter.

    If you were able to comprehend the myriad of ways you have made a positive difference in the world, and the innumerable lives you will change for the better, you would never be the same person again. You would speak and act with confidence. You would reach out a loving hand, even when you feel cold. You would feel the love of Divinity within you, around you, supporting you, and see it in others more clearly than ever.


    You’re important.

    I am still learning myself, and can’t express anymore than this. Instead, consider on your own, look around you, as I have begun to do, for the light within and around each of us. And know, without a doubt, and with my faith in you in the meantime, that you are an important, meaningful human being. Welcome here.



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