Being A Leader

What does it mean to be a leader? Have you ever given someone directions? Have you ever stood up for yourself or for others against the odds? Have you ever made a choice? If you have done any of these, then you are a leader. Are you human? Then you are a leader.

There are many types of leaders in this world. A leader is someone who gives, creates or follows direction. You can lead with greatness or you can lead with fear.

What do you stand for? What do you believe and follow through with? What kind of examples do you set? These are the directions that you lead in.

Leading through Example

A leader is a person who sets an example through action or inaction and creates a path to follow. This is a valuable lesson I have personally learned through having younger brothers.

What kind of examples do you create in your life? Do you create your actions to stand by your beliefs and integrity? Or do you change your beliefs to fit your actions? Do you stand tall or do you slump and let the world crush you? These are the examples that you lead in.

Do you follow your heart, purpose, passion, inner guidance or inspiration? Each and every human being is a leader, however, when you lead by following these attributes you become a special type of leader and in return, you get to see the fruits of those you guide. When they are the fruits of following your heart, purpose, passion or inspiration, there is a sweetness of the utmost desire.

The Golden Rule as a Tool To Be a Golden Leader

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

The Golden Rule is a rule of life and a basic of Karma, when you use this rule with high regards to yourself and emotional sensitivity to yourself, you will find that you will take greater care of the people who stand with you.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself in order to be a great leader:

What is your purpose? Is your purpose more powerful than temptations? Are your actions worth following? How do you praise and punish? Where do you wish to lead others? In what area of life do you set the example of following? What are you willing to sacrifice as a leader? Are you willing to show up big for others?

As you go through your life, ask yourself these questions and realize that with every action or inaction, you are leading.

How will you lead today?

-Caleb Lake
2018 Session 3 Director

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