I attended a Suicide Awareness training course put on by our community. It was fascinating.

They showed us a map of The U.S. and had the highest suicide deaths in red. The entire western United States was lit up. Why? I asked. What have the Eastern states figured out that we haven’t??

The facilitators answer: back East no one is ashamed to meet with their therapist and counselor. It is a normal way of life. Here in the West we hide it and think someone is broken if they are going to see someone for help.

This is so true. My guess was all the shame and guilt that runs in our culture and community here. Brene Brown (in her book Daring Greatly) talks about the shame dynamics taking down societies.

Did you know that there are cultures and communities that exist that don’t even have a word for shame???? It doesn’t exist!! Can you imagine????!!!

I have loved working with therapists for years now! Several years ago I got into their parenting classes, which completely changed my parenting style 180*! I went from praising (which is how I was raised and it has an embedded threat of shame right behind it) to encouraging- which changed everything here in my home! I went for my own appointments, went as a married couple, my sisters and I
Met for group therapy, I love what I can learn from the counselors. Their training and skill set is amazing!!

I have also been working with mentors and authors and facilitators. Their gifts and intuition are magnificent.

There is so much offered to us- and I know
That I grew up with the story of “I must figure this out on my own because I have to be the strong one!”

Oh boy. I am so grateful I interrupted that lie and chose to ask for assistance in seeing things that were in my blind spot.

The antidote to suicide, in my opinion, is increasing LOVE OF SELF!!!!

If I love me- then AND ONLY THEN- can I allow your love for me to come in.
If I love me- then I don’t please you above what MY heart needs from me.
If I love me- then I actually have love to give to you!
If I love me- then I create connections that feed my soul rather than tear me down.
If I love me- my “ok-ness” comes from within!
If I love me- I can dance in the storm.
If I love me- I can laugh at my mistakes rather than punish myself.
If I love me- I am willing to try new things that could totally help me heal and bless my world and interrupt old programs!
If I love me- I no longer abuse myself therefore I no longer allow others to abuse me!
If I love me- I can share how I am
If I love me- I am willing to ask for assistance.
If I love me- I am able to receive!
If I love me- I no longer need to run away from me because I actually enjoy being with myself!
If I love me- I can have really horrible days and rise from them.
If I love me- I can then choose to love ALL of me so I can love ALL of you!
If I love me- I am able to forgive myself for the lies I have believed and the stories I have made up.
If I love me- I can stay here, in this body, on this planet, and appreciate all the ups and downs life offers me.

Life is a roller coaster ride for sure. In this last year I have chosen to love me bigger than I have ever loved me in my entire existence on this planet. I know each of those things because I have experienced them.

I know it works with others because of all the mentees I have been working with!! The miracles I am seeing are blowing my mind!

Shelby I are watching 70 people’s lives shift before our eyes in The Alitura Movement that we created. We are 17 days into LOVING OURSELF LIKE NEVER BEFORE- and wow!!!

Many people ask what Shelby and I do. We help others F.L.Y.
Fully Love Yourself!!!!!

Choose to love yourself 20% more today than yesterday and watch what miracles can happen.

I had a husband and wife meet with me a couple weeks back. I worked with her to move past her heart walls and find love for her hurting self. She amazed me and her husband. She did things that she hadn’t been able to do in over 20 years!! I left to grab her a water and when I came back- she told
Her husband that her therapist had just told
Her it would take 10 sessions to get into her heart walls and Kami did that in 10 minutes!!!!

My secret??? LOVE. To me, my higher power is God. For me, God is love.
That means God = Love.
That means any time I am love- My Higher Power is with me and I am with Him.

Love is the answer. And it starts with loving YOU!!!
I love you – I am sure of it!

Kami Mitchell

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