Intentions are the lifeblood of YFF. The importance of it is repeated every year: to create a clear vision for yourself and your responsibilities to accomplish a desired outcome. 

However, we must remember that intentions about DOING will never be as powerful as intentions about BEING. Furthermore, it’s not about ‘being more honest’, for example, it’s about ‘being someone who is more honest’!

If we go to YFF and do not change as a person,  we will go back home and fall into the same habits and emotions and lifestyle we came to YFF to change. YFF will not change you, your intentions will; but there you will have a safe space to do it.

Last year, one of my intentions was to be someone who loves more fully. I knew that YFF couldn’t do that for me in 3 days, but I allowed it to put me in a space to get started and throughout this last year I have watched myself grow more and more outside of myself. Changing with intentions takes time, but its always better than the alternate: never changing.

Let’s all live a life with greater intention and choose not only to DO something, but BE someone powerful.

-Ryker Smith, YFF Session 1 Director

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