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Details on all our events:

Youth for Freedom

Youth For Freedom is a three day youth conference which empowers youth 12-19 to live exciting and successful lives by experiencing a deep and personal freedom. Filled with empowering and life changing experiences; youth learn from excellent speakers, discuss life changing books, participate in simulations where they can be great and authentic, dance, improvise, swim, laugh, cry as they unite their heads and their hearts, receive personal mentoring, and make new friends. Youth experience what freedom feels like as they choose to live on purpose. Everyone involved in Youth For Freedom leaves knowing themselves at a deeper level, with higher levels of trust, love, and value for themselves and for others.

Masterpiece of Work

A full day experience with Shelby Smith and Kami Mitchell. Raising energy, playing, breaking down walls of resistance, and facing ourselves in the mirror.


Join two master connectors and play enthusiasts, Shelby & Kami, as they invite you to take part in a safe and fun learning environment that allows women to shed their masks, get real, be playful, and love who they are. We will be laughing so hard we cry, learning life altering concepts that will change perceptions, jumping on beds, healing emotionally, creating new freindships, connecting with our inner child, accepting our self worth and then... applying all of it, so that we may experience ALIVENESS & JOY. Live, Laugh, Love, & Learn!


This is a four week course where each week you will get together with a group of people to be mentored for 90 minutes by Kami Mitchell and Shelby Smith.

Freedom Extreme

Freedom Extreme is a youth seminar that we bring to you! It is a two day program we will bring our team to your hometown!


Want More Freedom is an opportunity to learn about how freedom affects yourself, the space around you, and your influence in the world. Through interactive experiences you will be able to put into action the freedom principles that we will share with you. Invite and bring your friends!

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Youth Love YFF!


Thank you for everything you do. This is my fifth year at YFF and there is a reason for that. This program is amazing and I can’t thank you enough.


I am forever changed every year I go! There are different life-changing experiences every single year, no matter the level, you will never be the same again.


This camp has changed my life. I am having so much fun. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you made it. Thank you!


I am grateful for the opportunities and the lessons i have learned from attending this camp. It has changed my life in many ways. I’ve met some of my life-long friends here. :)


YFF has changed my life. I am so thankful to be a counselor and help make a difference, just as powerful as the difference it made in my life!


I made so many new friends I can’t even count how many! I got out of my comfort zone so many times!


Words cannot express my gratitude for everything YFF has done for me and others! So here is a million hugs!


I look forward to this camp all year. Thank you so much for creating a place where I can feel safe and loved and where I learn and grow and improve.